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Table tennis or ping pong is an entertaining and popular game for children, youth and adults in many countries. Its rules are based on four specific points: equipment, service or service, scoring and invalid movements.

If you are still a beginner in the game, here we leave you a list with the basic regulations that you must know to become a great player in the sport.




The table is one of the most important pieces of equipment to play the game, as it is on it, where all the sport is performed. The measure of the official table tennis tables is:


Width: 1,525 m

Length: 2.74 m

Height: 0.76 m

Net height: 15.25 cm

Thickness: 22mm minimum

Above it, there is a net attached to the ends of the table, raised to a height of 15.25 cm.

The ball must be spherical, made of celluloid material and must have a diameter of 40mm. Its weight is 2.7 gr. Its color is yellow or orange.

In the case of the racket, it can be of any size, color or weight. It must be made of wood and contain two rubber bands: one bright red on one side and black on the other.




The service


In table tennis the serve is the move that is made to start the game. The person who makes the first pitch is called the "server."

At the start the ball should be immobile on the palm of the hand. When thrown, it must land on its own field, exceed the net and land on the opposite field.

Every two turns, the receiver or receiving pair will become the server or serving pair, and so on until the end of the game.


Fouls in the game


You must not put the ball on the opponent's table.

You have to wait for the ball to fall to your table to just answer. Otherwise, the point will go to your opponent.

Don't let the ball hit your table twice or hit it twice. Otherwise the shot will be canceled.

Touching the table when the ball is in play or moving it with any part of the body is prohibited.

If you are in a pair game, you cannot hit the ball out of the established order.


Party time


The game will last until one of the two players or pairs have scored 2 points difference. However, if the game is extended to 10 minutes, the rule called acceleration applies.

From there, each player will serve one point per turn until the end of the table tennis game .




The player's body position is standing, with the middle knees bent and the weight of the body bent forward to accelerate the movement and facilitate anticipation. The movements are very short from left to right and forward, always without touching the table. You Can Find Any Information related to table tennis rules of playing if you are interested then you should visit our website Ping Pong Table #1 Destination For All Your Queries !